Digital files can be hard to organize and even harder to locate. With many of the same type of files, it can be a daunting task to find the right one. Craft Clutter lets you add attributes to each file that are searchable.


Digital files can take up a huge amount of storage. External drives can be corrupted and unreliable. Cloud drives present the same recall limitation as system folders. Digital files are too expensive to be lost and it can be time consuming to re-download them. More reliable RAID drives can cost thousands. Craft Clutter acts as an additional backup that is safe and economical



Digital File Creators

Laser Cutter

Cutting Machine

Cutting Machine

DTF * DTG Sublimation

DTF * DTG Sublimation

3D Printer

3D Printer

Craft Clutter organizes all types of digital files. Anyone can benefit from Craft Clutter from a small crafter to a large business.

Hobby Crafter

The biggest challenge that small crafters face is storage space. Craft files can fill up personal computer hard drive. SSD and HDD drives do not last long but are inexpensive. Many crafters have several in case a drive fails they don't lose all of their files. Raid drives are expensive and take away from crafting funds. Crafting is expensive, storage shouldn't be.


Running a small business can be challenging. Often a problem is addressed with a workaround not a solution that benefits the business by saving time and increasing profitability. Workarounds are time consuming draining the precious resource of any small business...time. Crafters that operate as a business amass thousands of digital files, locating one file through the computer file manager can be time consuming and frustrating. Craft Clutter allows users to add identifiers, tags, project type, genres to files so searching and sorting are easy and quick. There is even a notes section for important information. Craft businesses can have multiple people, multiple machines, or multiple locations resulting in duplications of files. Craft Clutter is web-based so all the files are stored together and easily accessed through a web browser. Craft Clutter empowers business by adding things they need like reference numbers, listing locations, mockups and so much more to come. Eliminating problems lets a business run more efficiently and be more productive.


100 GB Storage
Font Preview
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$7.00 mo.